It's EYRIE in d house.. =)

It's EYRIE in d house.. =)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Its all about a weird dream..

today i want to tell about ma very weird dream 4 me dat is i dream of 1 guyz name AMIR MAHIYIDDIN or AREMEER SOFAZR.. i juz don't know why i keep on dreaming him.. b4 diz i had dream other artist but not so prolonged like i dream AREMEER.. i am so weird here..

1st day i dream him.. ma dream story is AREMEER express his feeling 2 me.. wat make i keep on smiling is he tell me dat he LOVED me 2.. when i wake up n remember about d dream.. i juz wished dat it can be true.. hehe. coz in d same time i am really adore him as a  SOFAZR vokaliz.. i juz LOVED SOFAZR so much.. <3

d otherz day dream is juz a dream n not so important but i juz loved it.. ^_^

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