It's EYRIE in d house.. =)

It's EYRIE in d house.. =)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Juz a story..

Haiey everyone..Assallammualaikum..
It's seems so long i'm not updating ma blog.. It's all bcoz i've been so bixy wif ma crew dat is ESC Crew..

>>Dis iz our logo<<

Every day we'll hve prectc n prektc till i don't hve enough time 2 rez.. juz wait 4 ESC Crew at SHOWDOWN 2012.. we will rock u guys..

1 more things.. i want 2 story u guyz about 2day..
2day i'm finally turn 19 years old.. yeayyyy.. I'm so hepy 2day coz ma lovely frenz has make surprise party 4 me.. n its very surprise 2 me ok n won't 4get it.. lock 17.11.2011.. ^_^
firstly they ask me 2 come 2 our studio at bangsar.. n then we prectc there till there 2 men wif a black mask come n attack us.. cyezly at dat time i felt so scared n wat i think is only ma fmily.. n after dat 1 of d guyz said dat he want me 2 follow him.. ma frenz all said juz go.. u guyz so selfish..ok..
I'm juz gve up n follow dat guyz followed by ma frenz andra.. d robber tie our hands close our eyes n they even be rough at us.. n i juz follow wat dat guys want.. till.. we arrived at 1 places dat is our "lparx" places.. n then they open ma eyes.. n u know wat.. surprise..
WTH.. i'm really mad n crying at dat time.. how dare u guys do diz 2 me.. u guyz r so cruel.. hate u but love u coz uollz remeber ma burfday n plan all diz.. i love u guyz..
Won't 4get diz very beautiful burfday of d year.. hehehe.

1 more things.. thnx 4 all d wishes guyz.. i love uollz.. ^_^ *-datz all.. tq-*

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