It's EYRIE in d house.. =)

It's EYRIE in d house.. =)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Assallammualaikum.. ok.. hariney eyrie nak story bout ma idol n ppl who inspire me.. evryone hve their once idol rite.. same like me.. i hve ma own.. ma very fav idol is :-
Zizan Razak..

He is Zizan Razak or his real name is Mohd Razizan Razak.. i've 4llow him since he hosting Raja Lawak.. 4rom there i started 2 love him.. n he is ma inspire 4 rapping n joking.. i love 2 watch he when he rap.. 4rom that i fall in love in a rap world..

Ma love idol is :

They are ma idol in band.. i love the way they move on in group.. the way their guitaris n drummer play their own style has inspire me 2 learn playing guitar.. <3.

Ma last fav idol is:
Stacy Angie n Chaq..

Both of them is ma idol in dance n sing world.. love the way they dance.. awesome.. they are great dancer.. n d way they can sing while dance is really2 awesome.. they inspire me 2 dance n i'm always watch they dance n take a little bit step.. hehe. =)

That's all.. this 3 is ma fav idol.. they inspire me in everythng.. <3 them.. =)

p/s-hehe. sje jer ney.. mood is so borinx.. so, so i write all diz out 2 release ma borinx mood. =)

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